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TITLE: Insurance Quotes Quick
SUMMARY: Personal insurance covers personal possessions, from furniture and appliances to jewelry, and covers loss through a variety of mechanisms; for renters who rent apartments, condos, or other dwellings, this is known as "Renter's Insurance." It is important to note that many policies do not automatically pay for replacement value, but actual market value, which is based upon the original cost minus its depreciation value. Expensive items, such as antiques or jewelry should be listed separately and appraised before a policy is written-indeed, the majority of insurance companies require an applicant to do so. Some kinds of items require "riders," which are clauses that limit under what conditions the insurance company will pay out on a claim. The cost of a policy will depend on whether you have a deductible, which equates to less risk from the insurance company's point of view, whether you have selected a replacement policy, or actual cash value, and which risks you are insured from, or "pe..