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ABOUT: With a stable team of developes consisting of graduates of IITs, we create room for others too to work, learn and share with us and finally make Solution Box a place of creative ideas and innovative products. Besides graduates, we add undergraduates students through our intern and pre placement prog..
TITLE: Solution Box
SUMMARY: Believing in the philosophy of sharing ideas and knowledge among learning community we bring you the four step process for your skill enhancement and better career opportunities. Right after your pre-final year of engineering, you go through 60 Days exhaustive training program. Having content set by industry experts, your first steps takes you far ahead in the domain of latest technologies. Trainees who perform well at first step, accelerate themselves toward advanced training programs and refine their skills further. Here mentors from different domains helps trainees to learn how to work on commercial project and use their creativity to improve them. Work in a company yet exercise your freedom and creativity.You can never imagine this except at starts-ups. At your third step you work with companies started by IITians which provide not only best learning environment but also promising career opportunities. With fellow IITians working in top tech companies, we provide you a spring board..