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ABOUT: Stephenson Studio School is the latest Studio School servicing 14 - 19 year old students and parents in North West Leicestershire.
TITLE: Stephenson Studio School
SUMMARY: Friday, January 30, 2015: Stephenson Studio School is closed today due to the weather. Please be advised that students will be engaged in the following activities this week: Thursday 13th November - Children in Need fundraising day Friday 14th November - whole school trip to the Skills Show at NEC, Birmingham. New Studio School Uniform available from Saturday 12 April by Uniform Direct®... Our students tell us: "Core project really develops our communication skills, I feel much more confident at speaking in public and presenting my ideas". Ofsted tell us: "The students' behaviour is good. They display maturity and apply themselves well to their studies. They are motivated well by the variety of opportunities and courses available to them". Our parents tell us: "Their child is happy at our school" "Their child feels safe". Our students tell us: "The school is a brilliant source of opportunities, in school life and the business world". Ofsted tell us: "Parents and carers have positive vi..