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SUMMARY: Over the years, BAB WITH ITS INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS plans to acquire large amounts of governments' debt from leading industrialized countries around the world and re-collateralizing such debt in a manner that can immediately recapture the yields. Our goal is to become one of the leading government debt purchasers in the world within the next 10 years. Through its proprietary trading practices BAB is well set to achieve this target...
The inspiration for the foundation of this modern financial institution was the pressing need to provide affordable quality wealth creation opportunities for the unbanked and Christian inspired participation in the market place.


Andrew T. Kopec, Chief Financial Officer
Andrew T. Kopec as the Chief Financial Officer(CFO) brings in depth international banking expertise. Mr Kopec worked as the head of North America trading of Barclays Capital, the Asset management wing of Barclays Bank worldwide. Mr. Kopec was also trained by US Treasury commitment holder Shirley Smith Rhodes (her son is Michael L Rhodes, the 3rd highest individual in USA's defense department) and David Howling (Executive Vice Chairman for UN/CEACT - UNITED NATIONS CENTER FOR TRADE FACILITATION AN ELECTRONIC BUSINESS). Mr. Kopec's knowledge and diversification between Capital Markets, Commercial Banking, Retail Banking, Underwriting Skills, and Prospectus Development makes him one of the industry's top financial professionals. Additionally, he works alongside with Power House Trading Intl. procuring investment strategies that help to generate higher levels of investment capital through various asset classes in the Foreign Exchange Currency market (Forex)


MR SILAS TITUS, Vice President; Member of the BAB Team
Silas Titus brings in Eighteen years of broad experience in Financial Systems, Corporate Finance and Trading. He worked in executive capacity in the management of proprietary trading systems. He has also done consulting assignments for major multi-national corporations in developing financial solutions.

Previously he headed research programs and worked towards PhD in Management from Chalmers University, Sweden.

He has a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and diploma in Computer Science and Masters degree in Management. He is active in the non-profit and community arena globally and New York.