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ABOUT: Eleven years ago, I found myself faced with the unfortunate diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma. Along that journey I did a lot of personal research on the subject of skincare and the prevention of future skin disorders. The more I studied and learned about my challenge, the more interested I became wit..
TITLE: DR Products
SUMMARY: We are careful to use only the finest natural & cosmeceutical grade ingredients necessary to give our clients the optimal results they are looking for. We leave out ingredients that merely look good on the front label but don't give you results. Your skin doesn't appreciate fancy packaging, labeling or long lists of ingredients that sound great when you read them! Your skin needs what works! We have formulated products that I personally use and recommend to clients, family and friends. Give your scalp and hair a healthy dose of the good life, from the Deborah Renée Clinical Skincare Team! Deborah Renée is only offering only skincare advice, and is not a Doctor/Physician offering medical advice. Please consult your physician before beginning any skincare regimen or for any medical advice.