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ABOUT: Lifecycle was founded in response to these needs. We are a group of functions that form synergistic and complementary alliances in the community and world. Our goal is to help others see and understand their meaningful relationships within the natural world... In the course of human history, new in..
TITLE: Lifecycle
SUMMARY: 1.2 million students will drop out of high school this year.create opportunities. Approximately 380,000 babies will be born today.invest in our future. 20 percent of the population is 60 or older.embrace life. Imagine a place where you would want to live. Picture a world where the quality of life is governed by simple and straightforward democratic rules in the original vision of our founding fathers -- a safe and peaceful place where children and elders have the freedom to learn about the world around them, asking the right questions and most importantly, living the solutions. Imagine creating a place where you would want to LIVE.Participating in a peaceful and safe COMMUNITY. In a facility designed to care for our ENVIRONMENT. This website and its content are copyright of Lifecycle - © Lifecycle 2010. All rights reserved.