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ABOUT: We Indians are known for traditionally sharing all the special events in our lives by the way of exchanging gifts & sweets. Such thought became the origin for starting the sweets business by Ramesh Lal sohal, who laid down the foundation of sohal Sweets Shop.With their endless efforts and full dedic..
TITLE: Sohal Sweets
SUMMARY: Round shaped maha utsav ladoo is a collection of kesar, cashew nuts, oil which delights your every bite.Made from grilled gream flour flakes which are sweetened mixed with almonds, pressed into balls and fried in ghee. As the name suggests, this sweet gives you a completely royal taste. This sweet is made with pure kaju paste base and topped on with almonds, pistachios and cashewnuts dipped in with sugar syrup refreshes your mood. Panjiri laddo contain only the best natural ingredients including cream of wheat and a wide range of nuts, which gives delicious taste to your mouth. Crystal shaped burfi made of crushed dry fruits and almond with few saffron strands to give beautiful color and flavor. A traditional sweet offering, shagun ladoo will be relished by your kith and kins. A box of shagun ladoo is perfect gift to give your family and close friends on any festive occasion. A mixture of beauty, strength and brain containing Besan, khoya and almonds.