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SUMMARY: Few entrepreneurs or executives have time to read, absorb, and extract meaningful information from the blizzard of media that bombards us daily. If you are like most leaders, you spend your day mired in operations, sales, meetings, turf battles, public relations, and firefighting. If you are a top executive at a Fortune 500 company, you may have the time to read, but not to work with front-line teams to see how the latest management fad works in the trenches. And frankly, since most business writing is just plain terrible, you've probably wasted days of your life reading drivel (even HBR is not immune), wishing you could reclaim those precious hours to do something productive instead. The Leadership Advisor Monthly Newsletter can help. Each month, I pull together global business, tech, economic, legal, and political news; book and media reviews; management science techniques and tools you can use; helpful web and community resources; peer-to-peer interviews; plus lessons learned from 20 years of helping international clients, from the Fortune 50 to solopreneurs, distilled into a pithy, easy-to-read 8-page newsletter format full of actionable content. Why is this so useful for executives? Consider it "outsourcing " of your ongoing leadership research and learning, a duty which is incumbent upon every executive, and a critical survival skill if you are a lone-wolf solopreneur. Or consider it Consulting Lite. However you frame it, it's an invaluable time-saver, and a quick way to connect with peers, and broaden your knowledge. Scientific approaches to strategy (as opposed to anecdotal). The Myth of The e-Myth: Why every business is not McDonald's. Which business ratios are important for your service organization. The impact of the commercial paper lockup on your (yes YOUR) company. The top issues, job duties, and outlook from 200 of the world's top Chief Financial Officers. Deciding if and when you need a Chief Operating Officer. The biggest challenge facing 1,000 of the world's top CIOs & CTOs and how to overcome it. How to structure the C-Suite (CEO/COO/CFO): Several possible models from major global firms. Why 'strategic planning' is an oxymoron, and how to *really* approach strategy. Enterprise mobility: The promise and challenge of BYOD. Applying lean manufacturing principles to the C-Suite. The Multiplier: How to escape the time-for-money trap. Subscriptions are only $125 per year for 12 issues, delivered monthly via regular mail (email delivery is available upon request). That's about 34 cents per day. Personally, I enjoy my NFL Sunday Ticket on TV, and freely hand over several times that much money to Starbuck's each year, but I can't say that either of those has ever saved or made me a single dime. If even one idea in The Leadership Advisor Monthly proves useful to you, it is likely to save or make you hundreds, thousands, or as with some of my clients, millions of dollars; yield returns year after year; provide greater business and persona..

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