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ABOUT: In this program we are offering a way to Awaken and realize the Source of all peace, acceptance, clarity, balance, creativity, confidence and certainty in the midst of difficult times; as well as know for ourselves that our Source is the connection to a wellspring of ideas and resources which can co..
TITLE: Elizabeth MacDonald
SUMMARY: ReSourcing is a simple way to bring attention back into the Source, re-establishing a connection with what is at the core of all creativity, courage, confidence and certainty within you. Once reconnected, all movement and direction in life is made from this base - from the Source, which is naturally within everyone. It is that which is energizing and giving life to all that we are, as well as all that we do and all that we have in life. "To Source" means to draw upon the Source. So, ReSourcing is to draw upon the Source again - to return, to regain, to simply realize for ourselves that "our Source is our Resource." From this direct connection with the Source, we are able to rise above the situations present in our life and draw upon our infinite resources and move forward with a creative solution, one that is all-inclusive and a win-win for all concerned. If this interests you, we invite you to begin by downloading a Guided ReSourcing Process. You may also want to participate in our Re..