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ABOUT: Current pub users and other members of Newport's community are sufficiently concerned about the potential fate of the pub that a community purchase project has been launched. A Committee has been formed to take the Community Purchase forward and, in particular, to investigate and pursue potential fu..
TITLE: White Horse Newport Limited
SUMMARY: This web site was created to support a proposed community purchase of the wonderful White Horse pub in Newport Essex. We were delighted to see the pub purchased by one of the locals and wish Tom every success with the pub. The renovations are well under way and we'd love to see you there. This will be the last post on this site unless Tom asks me to do something with it. The proposed meeting of UDC to decide whether The White Horse should be a community asset was postponed. It was on the agenda for the meeting on 25th June 2014 with the recommendation that The White Horse was approved as a Community Asset. It appears that The White Horse has been sold to a new outfit, "Hawthorn Leisure" as part of a package of 275 pubs. And Hawthorn Leisure have signed a three year contract with Greene King to supply those pubs.