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ABOUT: Le Colonial is NYC's noted upscale Vietnamese restaurant which vividly recaptures the beauty, romance and spirit of French colonial Southeast... Another very prevalent herb used in Vietnamese cooking-and, of course, at Le Colonial, too-is lemongrass. With its subtle citrus flavor it is liberally ad..
TITLE: Le Colonial
SUMMARY: Go behind the scenes with Chef Rabanit at Le Colonial! We are proud to announce the addition of Executive Chef Nguyen-Rabanit at Le Colonial, New York City. Mrs. Nguyen-Rabanit joins us from California where she, upon graduating from the Culinary Academy in San Francisco, joined Le Colonial restaurant in San Francisco for the opening 14 years ago. Because of her talent and exceptional culinary technique, she was quickly promoted to lead the team as Executive Chef in 2000. During her time at Le Colonial, she perfected the art of preparing Vietnamese cuisine. She then worked for widely-recognized Patina Group, before re-joining the Colonial family as the Executive Chef in New York City in 2011. When we talk about the types of food that we like, most of us are able to quickly list our favorite types of cuisine. Sushi! Italian! French! Which makes us wonder, what is it about food that helps us distinguish what we like versus what we don't like? We believe that flavor is one of the key comp..