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SUMMARY: Fire Kills, Destroys Property and the Environment. In our dwellings unattended Gas and Electricity outlets usage can start a fire and propel it. A dwelling fire will never happen to you until it happens. When it happens will you and your loved ones be lucky enough to escape and tell the story. Why leave your life on lucky, take steps to protect yourselves and your property, take the Energy Source Isolator guaranteed to give you peace of mind. Be safe, be protected from the dangers of your dwelling energy sources, get the Energy Source Isolator installed, a trusted and active Fire Prevention Driver. * In a house/caravan/marine fire, you might think the smoke will wake you and give you and your family time to escape. But after just two or three breaths of toxic smoke you are unconscious. Your Lungs fill up and you can't breathe. Just like drowning. * You're twice as likely to die in a fire if you don't have a detector alarm that works. * 90 people die each year because the battery in their smoke/fire/heat/gas/carbon monoxide alarm was flat or missing. ***Silvatronics Limited - Energy Source Isolator reduces the fire risk by tenfold****. * Over half of dwellings fires are caused by unattended cooking. * Faulty electrics (appliances, wiring and overloaded sockets) cause around 7,000 house fires across the country every year. * In the presence of propellants like Gas and Electricity dwelling fires quickly grow out of control. Fire constitutes a chemical reaction between oxygen, fuel and heat source and if any of the 3 elements ideal for a fire is removed then it will not start or develop and the Energy Source Isolator is designed exactly to remove fuel and or heat source as will be shown by a short 5minutes video on a property that has the ESI installed. Statistics show that more than half of the dwelling fires are cooking related, mainly due to unattended cooking from electric cookers, gas cookers, microwaves, toasters, chip pans including appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Last year fire services across the country attended a total of 39000 dwelling fires; it was the same in 2009. Other buildings totalled 22000 a fall of 1% from 2009. Dwelling fatalities increased by 1 from 209 in 2009. Information extracted from different fire service counties incidents records show that tiredeness, drunkenness and not taking proper care after using the kitchen appliances like cookers are some of the primary causes of unattended cooking including hair strengtheners being accidental left plugged to electric mains and many general misuses or fault electrical appliances. Attached are the few extracts of the recorded fire incidents from different counties. To date just measuring from the beginning of the year more than 18000 residential fire incidents are on records and the ESI would have prevented 90% of them had it been installed at the time of the incidents. To better understand our Energy Source Isolator, please view the short video demonstration on ..

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