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ABOUT: This is one of the fireplace mantel ideas that stands out most dramatically. Set some unobtrusive vases on either end of the mantel to bring balance... If you are happy with the fireplace mantel ideas you have had so far, think about just adding a touch of molding or two to make the mantel appear t..
TITLE: Fireplace Mantel Ideas
SUMMARY: So you need fireplace mantel ideas for your new home. You have an impressive fireplace and mantel, and they make a significant statement in one of your living areas. The good news is that there many decorators out there who have devised some design concepts that will make your mantel an accent point in your decor. One decorative idea is to make a warm, white backdrop for other items that you might set out. Paint the brickwork and the mantel a soft white with a matte finish. Then set some vases, candleholders, or small figures out onto the mantel. Whimsical accessories such as a small elephant you picked up on a trip overseas or an ornate picture frame with a black-and-white portrait of you and your spouse will stand out more with this approach. If you have a small living space, or if you want to give any living area a more open feel, placing two mirrors over the fireplace has a dramatic effect. Hang a large, square mirror the width of the mantel right on top of the mantel itself. Then ..