TITLE: Arizona Radon Mitigation
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SUMMARY: Arizona Radon Mitigation is a Radon mitigation services provider. Serving the Valley and Southern Arizona with radon mitigation, testing, and consulting services. Catering to Real Estate professionals and Home Owners who require fast, professional, and competitively priced Radon mitigation & testing solutions. One of a very few select Nationally Certified NRPP Mitigation providers through the AARST. Offering a full line of Radon Mitigation services, using state of the art mitigation & testing equipment, procedures, & protocols. Testing using state of the art equipment, using EPA established Radon testing protocols. Offering a full range of Radon Consulting services. We can coordinate, educate, and implement turn-key solutions to protect your home. Doesn't matter if your home is old or new... Frame or Masonry Construction... Or where it is located... "All" homes are susseptable to Radon infiltration... It is only a question of "if" your home has elevated levels or not... You can find out with a simple 48 hour test... And if the readings turn out to be above the EPA recommended threshold, then you can have a professional guaranteed mitigation completed by a "Certified" Radon Mitigation Specialist... You will want to get a professional mitigation completed by a NRPP certified professional mitigation Company... Within 48 ours the mitigation can be completed, re-tested, and you will know that the levels are below that recommended by the EPA, and the National Institute of Health. If you are preparing to sell your home... Or your home is being sold and Radon is discovered during the transaction... Or you just want the peace of mind knowing that your homes Radon level is within the EPA, National Institute of Health, and AARST recommended threshold levels... Contact us for a fast, free, and professional assessment performed by an NRPP Certified professional tester & mitigator.