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ABOUT: The Preparing for Heart Surgery Handbook is a new product from RecoverRite®. Founded in 2006, RecoverRite® is dedicated to helping patients with all aspects of recovery. Since an effective recovery is assisted by having facts every step of the way, the natural progression of our product line was t..
TITLE: A RecoverRite Company
SUMMARY: Doctors and Hospitals click here for information on quantity discounts. Heart surgery of any kind is a frightening and often overwhelming experience for both patients and their families. It is usually difficult to remember everything you need to do before arriving at the hospital. This handbook is designed to help you and your family better understand the process and be more prepared for your experience. The Preparing for Heart Surgery Handbook is a 32-page handbook with information on the following topics: (Chapters also include helpful checklists to make things as easy as possible.).

Lisa Coleman, Owner; President