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ABOUT: Improve your water quality with filtration and treatment services from our company in Clinton, Illinois. Since 1946, Aquasoft Water Conditioning has been serving Central Illinois with quality water. We specialize in water softeners, reverse osmosis, and filtering systems for small commercial and res..
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SUMMARY: Logo, Aquasoft Water Conditioning, Water Filtration Services in Clinton, IL. Water Filtration & Treatment Services in Clinton, Illinois. Reverse Osmosis Special: Complete 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System, including Installation for $475 Plus Tax (Expires May 31, 2013), Water Filtration Services in Clinton, IL. The solution for your hard water problem is available at Aquasoft Water Conditioning. We specialize in rentals and sales of high-quality water softeners. This equipment conditions your water so that it is more comfortable for around-. the-house use. Pool chemicals that keep your swimming pool's water pristine are also available. We also provide more complex equipment for water conditioning such as reverse osmosis and filtering systems. These state-of-the-art options use carefully made membranes and filters to remove potentially dangerous impurities from your water. For more information, including rental rates, call us at (217) 935-3690. Visit us to invest in water filtration and tr..