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ABOUT: Register Tapes Unlimited, L.P. (RTUI) is a national leader in the creation and distribution of register tape advertisement. Currently we distribute our products to over 10,000 grocery stores throughout the United States Canada. We have been successful in creating household demand for our products in..
TITLE: Register Tapes Unlimited
SUMMARY: Did you see RTUI on the Today Show - Click to see Video. I have been with Register Tapes Unlimited for about four years now and fell they bring me additional revenue by giving consumers that little extra push and awareness of my operation. I receive anywhere from ten to thirty coupons a day, sometimes from consumers that may not normally come. 85% of a small company's traffic comes from a 3 to 5 mile radius of their front door. Major grocery stores spend MILLIONS of dollars advertising to these customers. Register Tape Advertising provides the opportunity to "piggy-back" on the intensive advertising of your neighborhood grocery store. We take blank register tape and turn it into a paper billboard for you: a small professionally created advertising product by which thousands of people can repeatedly see on a daily basis. Here at Register Tapes Unlimited we won't just sell you a limited number of impressions on a few rolls of register tape, we sell time! Register Tapes Unlimited, L.P. (R..